We’re BAAAAACK… And We’re Launching Something New!


HELLO My Wine-Loving Friends!

How are you?!  What new wines have you discovered in the past few months?!

While I too have been tasting some new and fabulous wines, I have been on a mission to design the perfect wine club for us — and I found it!

The wines will come monthly and I’ll do a live tasting with each shipment.  You can either taste along with me or watch the video whenever you have time.

We’ll learn and explore together!  I’m so excited about this — FINALLY!!!

But first — let’s learn how to “taste” wine.  Now look, you know me, I have no interest in making this some snobby tasting that requires an ascot.  But I do want you to grow and get something out of this, so there are just a few little techniques that we should go over first.

The wine pro’s call them the 5 S’s — See. Swirl. Smell. Sip. Savor.

They’re really simple and don’t take long, but can really help your brain start to remember what you like and why.

So below is a super easy email newsletter form. Sign-up for our newsletter and you will receive my cut-to-the-chase explanation of how to “See” and “Swirl” that I originally posted on The Sip for Bottlenotes.

So sign-up, grab a glass of wine and read on.

When you sign up for the free newsletter you’ll also learn more about the Wine on the Street Wine Club! I can’t wait for you to join in this experience with me. More details to come, so please sign-up for the free newsletter below and let’s have some fun!


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