Behind the Sceness at the Wine World’s Big Networking Event

Larry Stone, with the laptop, a Master Sommelier (MS) who has been part of the Wine Experience team for 25 years. Photo is courtesy of Andréa Fulton-Higgins.

Great entrepreneurs are well aware they don’t know everything and, as a result, they surround themselves with smarter people.

Well, if you are an entrepreneurial sommelier, volunteering to work the annual Wine Spectator Wine Experience at the Marriott Marquis in New York City will allow you to do exactly that.

Sommeliers from all over the country volunteer their time for the opportunity to not only taste some of the world’s greatest wines, but to network with the elite in their field.

Now, granted, you can’t just show up. You have to apply to Wine Spectator and be selected by the woman in charge, Andréa Fulton-Higgins, who currently is the sommelier at the Joel Palmer House in Dayton, Oregon.


The woman in charge: Andréa Fulton-Higgins

She selects around 25 of the best sommeliers to work the four-day event each year. 

Read on to find out who she picked and the amazing experiences then had.

And check out these photos from Fulton-Higgins.  Below are just some of the cases wines that had to be logged in and tracked all weekend.

And, in the blue suit and scarf, is Christophe Salin.  He’s president and CEO of Domaines Barons de Rothschild, which produces the infamous Chateau Lafite Rothschild wines. Salin was speaking to the staff of sommeliers about his wines.  So cool.



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