The Wine on the Street Wine Club — Finally!!


    I am ridiculously excited about the new Wine on the Street Wine Club.

    You know that I LOVE the idea of tasting wine with everyone – and so finally! — we get to do it together — regardless of where you are!

    I investigated so many wine clubs over the last few months, including curating my own. And nothing met all my criteria.

    Until now.

    There are three distinct reasons I chose this club.

    1. The monthly wines that you’ll receive are from all over the world, and produced by small artisanal wineries.

    One of my personal missions is to support these small, family-owned vineyards, who care so, so much about what they do but just don’t have the budgets to get their wines mainstream. So not only will we get the privilege of tasting their wines, but we will learn their personal stories.

    1. I completely understand that money is tight these days, so I didn’t want you to pay for wines each month, without getting something in return.

    So there actually is a revenue opportunity with this club.  If you are interested, you can make serious money while you drink these wines.

    1. And finally – shipping wine is becoming a huge issue these days because the states are cracking down on interstate shipping laws.

    Sooner than you think, you may not be able to get wine from your favorite out-of-state retailer.  This will not be a concern with our club.  It was set up with all the necessary licenses to ship directly to you, the consumer.  And while it does not ship to Utah, North Dakota, and Oklahoma at this time, that should all be fixed soon.

    And there you have it  — three great reasons why I chose this awesome wine club for us.

    So what do you say? Are you ready to pop the cork and start tasting some great wines with me?


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